Book Review: ‘Cerebus the Barbarian Messiah: Essays On the Epic Graphic Satire of Dave Sim and Gerhard’ Edited by Eric Hoffman

As a Cerebus fan, this was a really cool book to pick up.

It’s a collection of essays regarding the character, his world, the various narratives, their evolution, as well as the life and beliefs of writer Dave Sim.

If you like Cerebus, this adds so much context to the stories and the series’ overall progression and multiple transformations that you should probably give it a read.

It’s well organized and certainly well thought out and researched. There wasn’t a dull essay in the lot and while some of them were quite long, they all kept my attention.

I still haven’t read the later, more controversial, stories in the 300 issue run of Cerebus but this kind of prepared me for the tonal and stylistic shifts that are going to happen.

I can’t say that I agree with Sim on everything but having gotten through the first two big phonebooks of material, this book made me excited to continue on.

Cerebus is an interesting and unique comic that changed the self-publishing game for the better. This book just enhances the aura around the series and makes you appreciate the years upon years that Dave Sim and Gerhard put into this world.

Rating: 7.5/10
Pairs well with: the epic 300 issue Cerebus comic book series.

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