Talking Pulp Update (10/8/2020): Blogging Ragnarök – The End Is Nigh For Talking Pulp

After my last pretty pissy update, not much has changed.

While I have found a way to edit in the Classic Editor, WordPress is still giving me serious issues when simply trying to create or edit posts, even though I’m the only user on this site and by default, the administrator.

Needless to say, the workaround with the Classic Editor will only be a temporary thing, anyway, as they seem pretty gung ho about phasing it out completely, even as a premium plugin. In fact, the plugin won’t be supported by the end of 2021.


My motivation to write or even give a shit is pretty nil. While I still have posts scheduled out for a few weeks, by the end of October, I’ll probably be done with this platform because it’s evolving like all tech/social platforms do in that it’s becoming less user friendly and more complicated, as a result of it going minimalistic.

Also, this is just a hobby. I never made this as a tool for income. Had it grown to a certain size, I may have but that was never the end goal. I’ve been down that road with other blogs and once shit gets monetized, it monopolizes your life. That is, if you want to continually make money and hope to see it grow. And frankly, money in blogging sucks and is never enough.

I had three goals with this site when I started it in November of 2016. I’ve outlined them before but here they are again:

  1. Review every film ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  2. Review every film from every major franchise or film series that I’m interested in (and some I’m not).
  3. Draw attention to lesser-known films that deserve more recognition.

Well, I’ve finished number one, I’m nearly done with number two and there will always be interesting older movies that I’ll discover, as time goes on, which makes completing number three an impossibility.

To be honest, the timing of WordPress turning to shit couldn’t have been better. I was already thinking about winding this down or posting a lot less frequently. My life has been changing and I need more time dedicated to the things that will take me to another level financially and professionally. This does, to a fairly large degree, take away from that due to how much time I put into Talking Pulp.

Truthfully, I don’t want to completely kill it. I want to keep it around for the occasional post or update. When new films come out in franchises I love, I’d still like to review them.

However, my free time has been minimal and professionally, I’m in a creative vacuum, which also effects this site, which actually used to boost my creativity because it allowed me to shift from doing art to writing and thus, helped refill the creative well in my brain.

I also have some side hustles that take up more of my time but I can’t turn my back on them because they make money, damn good money.

The era of pumping out four-to-six posts per day is coming to an end. In the future, posts may be as far as a few weeks apart or even months. I guess it all depends on my schedule, my motivation and whether or not I want to use this platform when they fully force their changes on me.

I guess only time will tell but I’ll probably give a more final update when my cache of scheduled posts run out in three or four weeks.

2 thoughts on “Talking Pulp Update (10/8/2020): Blogging Ragnarök – The End Is Nigh For Talking Pulp

  1. Well, it’s a shame but you gotta do what you gotta do. The new WP editor is pretty naff (lots of simple things seem either hard to do or not possible – I don’t even know how to change the colours of blockquotes for example) and I certainly can’t be arsed to piss about with code or spend hours researching mini hacks or workarounds for simple editing.

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    • I’m working on a lot of content for the week of Halloween but that’s probably the big grand finale for me posting at a normal level. I’ll still review some stuff beyond that but the more difficult the platform becomes, the less motivated I’ll be. For now, I can still use the Classic Editor but even that’s kind of a hassle. I can’t even edit or update posts in the Block Editor, so it’s totally useless. I’d imagine there are a lot of pissed off long-time WP users that feel the same way. Maybe WP will change its tune regarding the future of the Classic Editor but tech companies rarely give a shit because they assume we’ll just deal with it and keep using the product. Not this guy.

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