Talking Pulp Update (1/4/2021): New Year Notification Nonsense!

Well, vacation’s over!

I’m back to working a dreadful and inhumane five-day work week for the first time since before Halloween. I’m a fan of four days on and three days off. An extra day of rest actually makes me more productive over four days of work than I typically am over five but whatever.

So I’ve noticed that my notifications don’t seem to pop up all that often and I didn’t see any of them over the course of my ten or so days off. WordPress has continued to suck in new ways for awhile now. So I guess I have to manually check this shit from now on, assuming I’ll remember because I like whiskey and edibles.

If I miss comments or even feedback and messages through the back end, it’s not my fault. I pay for all the premium shit, so WordPress should polish those fucking bells and whistles that the basic plan has, especially for ballers like me dropping extra coin.

Anyway, Happy New Year! Not that it’ll be all that happy thanks to further lockdowns, more restrictions made up as reactionary power grabs on the fly, the complete destruction of small businesses, skyrocketing suicide rates, crybaby “do as your told!” assholes and the continued erosion of personal freedoms! Can’t wait to see what Orwellian bullshit a new administration throws at us! Sorry, I try not to get political on here but life is really damn hard without strippers, buffets and movie theaters.

Oh, yeah… I live in Florida… so, never mind! Hooray me!

2 thoughts on “Talking Pulp Update (1/4/2021): New Year Notification Nonsense!

  1. I’ve noticed (no pun intended) the notification failure for a looong time now. That stupid bell appears to indicate no new activity yet there are sometimes comments and stuff waiting to be approved or seen.
    We’ve just gone into a new 6 week lockdown here in the UK and it’s getting tiring now. I’m just glad that I’m still going to work as usual (and I never thought I’d say that previously).


    • Man, I feel for all of you in the UK having to go thru that again. I’d lose my shit. If I wasn’t in Florida, I don’t know what I’d do. I guess try to stay positive and watch some good movies or get into a really good, really long video game. That’s what I did when we were on lockdown here for a month or two. I also drove around aimlessly a lot, just to get out of the house and get fresh air.


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