Talking Pulp Update (12/6/2021): I’m Done with WordPress; The End Is Here… Well, Almost

Well, the end is here for Talking Pulp. Not exactly yet but about two months from now.

It’s been just over five years and I accomplished the goals I set out to do. Or at least the ones I could finish. But I’ve been over all that in some of the most recent site updates.

The reason why this is the end of the road is that I’m tired of WordPress’ fuckery. I hate the fucking Block Editor and want to continue to use the Classic Editor. To do that now, I have to pay $300 per year, in one lump sum, to be able to use the plugin that will allow that. This was always free until just over a year ago when they decided to strip away regular features and functions that the website has always had in an effort to force their shitty Block Editor on their customers. Among some other shitty things.

Yes, customer applies here because I’ve always given WordPress money for upgrades, domains, packages, features, etc. I paid the fucking $300, last year, simply because I hadn’t fully reached my goals with the site and I always had the plan of doing this particular site for a minimum of five years and then reevaluating on whether or not I had a reason to keep going or to move on to something else.

I’ve been using WordPress for a decade and a half. I’ve had close to a dozen different websites over the years, some of which brought in over 100K people per month.

As I type this, I loathe this Block Editor I have to use, right now. If some people prefer this trash, that’s their business. But there should still be the option between using this or the Classic Editor that doesn’t cost $300 dollars just to use a free fucking plugin. I don’t care about the other features in that $300 tier.

So with that, my posts that have been scheduled out till February 4th, 2022 will still post. After that, you’ll get what will probably be my final message.

I’m already working on other big projects that require my creative energy and writing time. Maybe, at some point, I will resurrect this all, someplace else.



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