Film Review: Faust: Love of the Damned (2000)

Also known as: Faust (shortened title)
Release Date: Octoberber 12th, 2000 (Stiges International Fantastic Film Festival)
Directed by: Brian Yuzna
Written by: David Quinn, Miguel Tejada-Flores
Based on: Faust by Tim Vigil, David Quinn
Music by: Xavier Capellas
Cast: Mark Frost, Isabel Brook, Jennifer Rope, Jeffrey Combs, Andrew Divoff, Monica Van Campen

Televisio de Catalunya, Fantastic Factory, Castelao Producciones, 98 Minutes


“You are the universe. Alpha and Omega. The beast with ten thousand young. Now go forth and mutilate!” – M

So I’ve been aware of the Faust comic for years, as it was one of those legendary things us kids talked about in middle school because we had all heard of it but none of us owned any issues because it was a very adult outlaw comic. I still haven’t read it but I’m more familiar with it now, as many comic book YouTube channels have showcased it.

I didn’t know until more recently that there was a film adaptation of the comic and that it was done by Brian f’n Yuzna of all people, which definitely makes it worth checking out if you are a fan of his better known work like Re-Animator, From Beyond and Society.

Like those films, this one features over-the-top body horror and gore. It’s also full of dark humor and senseless violence, all of which is done in Yuzna’s patented style.

It’s actually cool seeing Yuzna direct a superhero film and using a character that fits so perfectly with his filmmaking style.

Additionally, I also love that Yuzna regular Jeffrey Combs is in this. While he’s not the main character, his role is pretty big and pivotal to the overall film.

This is a pretty bad movie, though, even for Yuzna. Yes, I do like it for all the things I already mentioned but the acting is well below what’s even normal for a Yuzna picture. Also, while some of the effects work, many of them don’t and it feels sloppily thrown together in some sequences and it makes me question how much control Yuzna had or if the production found itself well behind schedule or way over budget.

Regarding the budget, it’s obvious that Yuzna was working with even less money than what he was usually able to muster up.

Faust is a poorly made movie by a guy that can typically make chicken salad with chicken shit. However, maybe this was just too big in scale and way too ambitious of a project to have been approached in the way Yuzna typically makes his movies.

Rating: 3/10

Comic Review: Mister Nipples

Published: March, 2020
Written by: Jeff Wysaski, Katrin Davis
Art by: Several Monkeys

Obvious Plant, 28 Pages


I’ve been a fan of Obvious Plant for quite some time. If you don’t know what that is, you should look it up, it’s well worth your time. Well, assuming you have a great sense of humor.

I never anticipated them doing a comic book tie-in to one of their parody toys, however. So since I’ve enjoyed what they do I thought that buying this would help them out and I figured I’d enjoy it just like I enjoy their other humorous projects.

The comic is designed to look like something from the Golden Age. The hero is a descendant of Samson and gets his super strength from the nipples that cover his body. That’s all the explanation you get and frankly, it’s all you need, as the Golden Age of comic heroes didn’t try to explain away the impossible.

Anyway, I really dug the art style and thought it matched the era it was drawing inspiration from.

Additionally, the stories were amusing and I liked the dialogue, as the entire book was written in a similar style to the captions featured on Obvious Plant’s parody products. It’s made to read like it is poorly translated English from a non-English speaker.

Overall, this is a novelty product but it’s a really cool one that I’m glad I bought because I also assume it’s really limited.

Rating: 5.75/10
Pairs well with: other comedy or parody comics, especially those that resemble the Golden Age.